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The GastroRetreat is designed for lovers of fine dining, great food and drink: the perfect plan for Hedonists. BocaValdivia, our culinary art concept, will offer the best of nature and local knowledge, both on site and nearby natural sites, approaching ancestral fishing techniques (shore and mangrove), the gathering of shellfish, fruits, and seasonal vegetables.

More than just culinary experiences, we offer a life philosophy in harmony with the environment, our path to self-sufficiency: we fish, harvest, hand-pick and cook Ecuadorian produce. Inspired by ancestral cultures, we share love through good food

This plan includes a selection of the following activities

  • Breakfast at our Vegetable Garden
  • Artisanal fishing on the shore or mangrove.
  • Sunset Aperitif served on the beach.
  • Oyster Tour, lunch on the reef.
  • Outdoor cooking classes.
  • Tasting of the fine Ecuadorian cocoa flavour
  • Wine pairing for lunch / dinner
  • Horse Ride on the beach
  • Gastronomic 5-courses tasting menu
  • Restaurant service at the Villa