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Tanusas is surrounded by a unique and wild biodiversity. The Natural Force Retreat is designed for those who wish to approach the beauty of natural elements in a spirit of discovery and fun.

Extreme sports, hiking, guided tours to wild nearby sites, and exploration of the Pacific coast’s wildlife are some of the highlights of this Retreat, combining fun with culinary pleasure.

This plan includes a selection of the following activities

  • Horse Ride on the beach.
  • Surf lessons with personalized teacher
  • Tours to nearby natural sceneries - Isla de La Plata, Los Frailes beach, Pacoche.
  • Diving.
  • Walk through the primary forest.
  • Unlimited fruit-juice bar
  • Humpback whale-watching tour - July to October
  • Birdwatching walks
  • Pilates or Yoga classes - It can be scheduled at dawn or sunset, anywhere in the hotel or nearby natural spots.
  • Day of coconut water therapy.
  • Bonfire on the beach.