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Movement is essential to good physical and spiritual health. The art of Pilates and Yoga, plus the perfect scenario, elicit a sense of well-being and connection with the inner self and the positive energy around us. Local ancient cultures used plants to relieve pain and prevent diseases, but also for spiritual works. At Tanusas SPA, we come back to the use of these ancient powerful plants to create restorative drinks and welfare diets, to ease body and spirit detoxification.

The Peace & Wellness Retreat gives you the freedom to use all our Premium services related to well-being and relaxation. A tailor-made experience designed to suit your taste and expectations.

This Retreat includes a selection of the following activities

  • Pilates or Yoga classes - It can be scheduled at dawn or sunset, anywhere in the hotel or nearby natural spots.
  • Integral SPA service.
  • Unlimited fruit-juice bar.
  • Purifying and fasting juices and teas.
  • Outdoors cooking classes of vegetarian and/or healthy foods.
  • Coconut water therapy.
  • Wine pairing for lunch / dinner.
  • Meditative walk through the primary forest.
  • Horse Ride on the beach
  • Massage in natural sites - you can choose between the beach and other outdoors
  • private spots.
  • Bonfire on the beach