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Find physical, mental and spiritual relaxation at Tanusas Spa. All our massages consist of tailor-made relaxing experiences: before starting, you can choose which part of the body you would like to stimulate (all body, reflexology - feet, hands, head), with what intensity, pressure, temperature, and different types of soundscapes. We also have different types of oils and ointments with therapeutic fragrances, and aromas from our garden.


The GastroRetreat is designed for lovers of fine dining, great food and drink: the perfect plan for Hedonists. BocaValdivia, our culinary art concept, will offer the best of nature and local knowledge, both on site and nearby natural sites, approaching ancestral fishing techniques (shore and mangrove), the gathering of shellfish, fruits, and seasonal vegetables.


Travel on a yacht with two ecological engines, toilets, life jackets and safety.
Number of people: from 1 to 12 people.
Duration: all day Book 24 hours in advance.
Price of the tour: USD $ 800,00 It includes: lunch, naturalist guides, equipment for snorkelling.

Experience the best of Tanusas with unlimited access to all the amenities and services on offer, in complete peace, and with a reserved treatment. Luxury and absolute peace.


La Isla de la Plata is considered one of the most important parts of the Machalilla National Park. Currently on the island nest seabirds like blue-footed, masked and red-footed boobies, frigates, tropical birds etc..
Price per person: USD $ 125.00 (at least two people).
It includes: all day, land and sea transport, diving equipment, surface, hydration and guide.


This sport or recreational activity is performed opposite Tanusas. Lessons are personalized. Schedule: depends on sea conditions and tide.
Schedule:depends on sea conditions and tide. This can be in the morning or afternoon.
Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Price: USD $ 85,00 (per person)
Book 24 hours in advance.

Movement is essential to good physical and spiritual health. The art of Pilates and Yoga, plus the perfect scenario, elicit a sense of well-being and connection with the inner self and the positive energy around us. Local ancient cultures used plants to relieve pain and prevent diseases, but also for spiritual works. At Tanusas SPA, we come back to the use of these ancient powerful plants to create restorative drinks and welfare diets, to ease body and spirit detoxification.


We present the preparation of typical Manabi dishes with the combination of organic vegetables grown in our own garden and own fresh catch of the day.
Schedule: 11h00
Duration: 2 hours Price: USD $ 175,00 (2 person)
It includes: Preparation products, tasting dish, glass of house wine.
Book 24 hours in advance.

The hotel provides double-, triple-rooms, and villas. Our experience design team is always ready to adapt to the needs of groups; Relaxation, adventure, sport, co-working sessions, gastronomic experiences and other activities can be organized on demand and according to your requirements.


We depart from the beach facing Tanusas and ride several km to the north, and we can enjoy a private beach.
The activity is recommended when the tide is low.
Duration: 3 hours
Price: USD$ 55,00
It includes: Helmet, gloves and hydration.
Book 24 hours in advance.

Tanusas is surrounded by a unique and wild biodiversity. The Natural Force Retreat is designed for those who wish to approach the beauty of natural elements in a spirit of discovery and fun.


Los Frailes Beach is located 27 km from Tanusas. It is the first ecotourism community in the Ecuadorian coast. It has great archaeological potential from the Manta culture. The Friars are considered the best beach in natural state of Ecuador and the fourth best in South America characterized by clear waters and white sand. 
Schedule: 08h00 - 13h00
Duration: 4 hours
Price: USD $ 75,00
It includes: : Transportation, hydration, guide and snack.

Book 24 hours in advance.

Tanusas is the ideal hotel for corporate events in the Pacific Coast. The hotel offers meeting rooms and easily adaptable areas to guarantee events of high quality and professionalism.


Pacoche Forest is located 43 km from Tanusas and It is a wildlife reserve. It has 13445 hectares. It is characterized as a humid land in which we can find a variety of guava trees, big tree, Guadua cane, coffee, etc.

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